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The unique technology of the alto


The Alto combines lightweight, aerodynamics and durability. Your car will love taking off with it.

Underneath the Alto:

Its independent Flexiride suspension and very low centre of gravity provide great stability to the Alto. Its floor and frame are made of aluminium. For maximum aerodynamics, the weld-free frame supports a streamlined tank. Powerful electric brakes come as standard equipment.

A Green Travel Trailer:

Faced with the steady increase in the price of gasoline and the social responsibility we all share to save non-renewable fossil energy, Safari Condo wanted to design ultra-light caravans with the lowest possible drag coefficient. Caravans meeting these two criteria could then be readily towed by smaller vehicles. Even more environmentally conscious, Safari Condo also wanted its materials selection to be not only lightweight but for the most part recyclable.


Roof and walls are made of a sandwich-type material with a plastic honeycomb core laminated with aluminium on one side and Alufiber or aluminium on the other. Alufiber combines the lightweight of aluminium with the durability of fiberglass. The only materials used in building the Alto are those on which water has little effect such as aluminium, Alufiber, plastic, Formica and glass. Inside, the furniture consists largely of aluminium and composite materials. Rigid and ultra-light sandwich panels are integrated into the bed cushions, while the entire bed structure is made of aluminium extrusions.

CDN PATENT : 2 580 172 US PATENT : 7 488 030

A patent is an industrial property grant which confers unto its holder the right to prevent another party from exploiting the patented invention.

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